Jonny Harper15/07/2019

Content personalisation and CRM techniques are growing in sophistication and effectiveness. But what do prospective students think about it? Do they think it’s creepy, cool or just a bit naff? How should content be personalised so that it does have an impact?

We’ve started to ask prospective students these questions. And we’ve been understanding more about the successes of personalised video campaigns that we’ve run for our clients. It’s still early days but here’s what we’ve discovered so far:

  • Prospective students appreciate personalised content but…graphical personalisation alone is not enough to “wow” them and if not done well, it can seem naff
  • Content personalisation is cool – engage each viewer with a video where the scenes within the video (not just the graphics) have been tailored to their specific needs
  • Stop viewing a video from being passive – focus attention by triggering calls to action to each viewer’s mobile or inbox at key points during the video
  • If you are triggering calls to action, make sure there’s a clear reason for the message being sent and make sure your audience is bought into you, or it can feel a bit creepy
  • Consider how you can personalise content “on the fly” for enquirers to serve them self-selected content instantly and to help generate leads

If personalisation and CRM are important to you, we’ve got a range of solutions that we would love to talk to you about. We can help you at enquirer stage, right the way through conversion and during enrolment.