Jo Carter12/12/2019

Think festive Articulate, with an optional Higher Ed twist.

As you may have realised, our Christmas blog is not really a blog – but it is an opportunity for us to share a Christmas gift with all of our friends. HExpress Yourself is a describing game where each player has a minute to describe as many words as they can for the others to guess. Full rules are below.

We originally created HExpress Yourself for our friends in Higher Education, so as well as the festive terms you might be expecting from a Christmas word game, we’ve thrown in some extras that we know our pals from the wild world of HE marketing will appreciate. Photoshoot, TEF and (dare we? *whispers*) GDPR are all in the HE glossary. Of course, we don’t want to limit the fun of HExpress Yourself to marketing teams only. There’s a toggle on the start screen to switch the university marketing words on or off depending on who you are playing with.

Click here to play HExpress Yourself

The Rules

The aim of the game is to describe as many words as you can for the other players to guess in the time allowed. A minimum of two players are needed.

In each round, one player is the describer and the other player(s) are guessers. Play begins as soon as the describer has pressed Play. The describer has 60 seconds to describe the word on the screen without:

  • using the word
  • describing the way it is written (starting letter, number of letters)
  • saying what it rhymes with
  • using a derivative, e.g. for technician, players cannot say technical or technology

When the guessers correctly guess the word, the describer presses the Got it button to move on to the next word and repeats the process again, as many times as they can before the timer runs out.

If you’re the describer, you can skip as many cards as you like – but there’s no going back!

The game ends when every player has had a turn at being the describer. The person who has described the most words in the time allowed wins.

Game variations

Family Fun

HExpress Yourself was created as a game for HE marketing teams but it quickly became apparent that it was far too much fun to be confined to the workplace. To play with family and friends outside of HE, use the toggle on the start screen to switch off the HE-specific content and the game will only give you words from the Christmas glossary.

Team Sport

HExpress Yourself can be a team game as well as an individual pursuit. For the team game, a minimum of 4 players are required, to be divided into a minimum of 2 teams.

In the team version, guessers only shout out the answer if the describer is on their team. At the end of each round, make a note of how many correct answers were guessed. The game ends when every player has had a turn at being a describer (if playing with an uneven number, one describer on the team with less people is allowed a second turn). The teams total up all of their describer scores and the team with the highest score wins.

A very Merry Christmas from our team, to yours.