Note: This vacancy is currently closed

Job summary

Note: In addition to this Board-level Director of Client Partnerships role, we are also currently advertising for a Head of Client Partnerships. Please note: it is quite likely that we will only fill one of these two vacancies.


At Revolution Viewing, we empower people to make life changing decisions – this is our mission. We do this by producing solutions to help prospective students select their perfect university and home buyers to select their perfect home. Our clients are universities and top home builders from across the UK and in our specialist fields we are the leading supplier in both sectors.

Comment from Founder and CEO Tom Greveson:

“You will be joining RV at an incredibly exciting time. We launched our market leading Virtual Experience Platform – Vepple, in early 2021, capitalising on extensive research and 15 years of experience delivering virtual tours to the HE sector. I’m pleased to say that we already have numerous clients under contract and the platform has already received rave reviews. Clients are beginning to experience the power of Vepple as a recruitment and conversion tool. The user engagement levels are incredibly positive and the resultant data we are collecting will help us to demonstrate a very strong Return On Investment (ROI) for our clients. If you are passionate about Higher Education and want to help us achieve our mission, then please do apply!”

This is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced (Higher Education) HE professional with a passion for people and building relationships to join a very talented team. You will be our HE specialist and lead our HE function, keeping abreast of the latest trends and insights from the sector to inform RV strategic decisions, product development and RV content across our marketing channels.

You will be accountable for maintaining and developing relationships with our existing top tier of clients across HE, using your natural flair and passion for the sector to foster these relationships.

You will be accountable for driving new business across our HE clients, with a particular focus on our market leading Virtual Experience Platform – Vepple. You will be a champion of the platform and use your knowledge of HE to further develop our positioning of the platform to our clients.

You will report to Tom (our CEO), and work closely with Jenn (Client Services Director), Jacob (Marketing & Communications Manager), Nick (Account Manager), with specialist support from Jonny (Technical Director) and Rob (Head of Video).

In addition you will represent RV at relevant HE conferences, lead RV Webinars and create content for regular newsletters and blogs.

Your role

The role Director of Client Partnerships role shares many remits with that of a Head of Client Partnerships, however, there are several additional remits/responsibilities for the Director level role which creates the distinction between the two. Key areas of accountability will be the remits of key client relationships, new business and content creation through relevant knowledge of the HE sector. As such, the day in the life example below deliberately replicates that of the Head of Client Partnerships role.

A day in the life

You may decide to start a typical day by scanning any relevant HE newsletters / news sites to which you subscribe to stay abreast with the latest news & insights.

As you will lead the HE client services/sales team you will have regular check-ins to understand any key sales challenges or opportunities. You will coach as required to arrive at the best possible outcome for both RV and the client – this may involve approving ‘nudge’ sales strategies or attending the next client session in person.

Often you will have a client meeting in the diary (typically you would have 2 or 3 client meetings per week in person or virtually) so you will finish off any preparation and ensure all attendees are fully briefed and clear about the desired outcomes before the meeting commences.

As you are the key contributor for HE content across our marketing channels you will usually take time out each day to collate any thoughts you have based on conversations with clients or other information sources such as a webinar you may have attended. If you don’t have key client sessions then you may spend an hour or so penning the latest blog to delight our readership with relevant insight and intelligent commentary of the latest in HE and rich media.

You’ll spend time discussing quotes and projects with our various teams. Perhaps seeking advice from our Head of Video to help fulfill a recent quote request or maybe discussing Vepple data, analytics and product road map with our Technical Director and Product Owner, offering feedback from recent client meetings in order to improve our product offering.

Depending on the locality of the client meeting and travel time required, you will utilise any remaining part of your day to contact your key clients and RV partners ensuring contact is in line with the client contract strategy.

Finally you look at the latest sales figures to see how we are tracking against targets and start to formulate a plan if you foresee any challenges…and then reflect, relax and bask in the satisfying glow of knowing you’ve made some significant contributions towards achieving the RV Mission and that you’ve developed numerous skills along the way!

Job remits

To achieve the upper-level of the salary range you must provide evidence that you have at least 5 years experience in the HE sector and in fulfilling each of the job remits below. If you don’t have the relevant experience and require further training/time to reach the required skill level, then this will be reflected in the salary offered.


  • Client relationships: Accountability for nurturing key client relationships creating RV fans and strong commercial gains
  • Client relationships: Support the growth of client relationships across our HE base, utilising HE knowledge and expertise to embrace new clients to RV with ultimate accountability for the success of these relationships
  • New business: Identify and lead new sales opportunities across HE, hitting and exceeding sales targets
  • Strategy : Take an active role in both the strategic direction of the RV business as well taking accountability for the strategic direction of our HE function
  • Product Development : Accountability for ensuring clients have a full understanding of all relevant RV products / services and use client feedback and your market knowledge to suggest and help RV improve existing products and develop new products
  • Content: Accountability for as well the key contributor to HE content across marketing channels, sales pitches and client comms
  • Communication: Present latest HE trends & insights to key RV team members on a monthly basis
  • Communication: Responsible for leading client meeting and pitches with positive results / feedback from clients
  • Communication: Be a confident public speaker who is comfortable representing RV at relevant conferences and RV webinars
  • Team development: Coach and develop direct reports (TBC) and team members based upon your expertise in the HE sector
  • Financial performance: Create, monitor and maintain a robust sales forecast to allow accurate business performance reporting
  • Culture : as a senior member of the team, you’ll be expected to have a high profile around the company and contribute to a culture we’re proud of

Key skills, experience & general outlook

To be considered for this role you will need to meet all of the “Essential” items listed in both the “Key Skills” and “Experience” sections.

To achieve the upper-level of the salary range you must provide evidence that you exceed a number of the “Essential” items and meet or exceed a number of the ”Desirable” items listed in both the “Key Skills” and “Experience” sections.

Key skills


  • Skills: excellent communicator (written and verbal) with the ability to adapt your approach to clients and team members
  • Skills: exceptional attention to detail, particularly related to numeracy and target forecasting
  • Skills: exceptional and wide-ranging communication skills which enable you to build and maintain strong client relationships and confidently represent RV’s people and products
  • Knowledge: absolute understanding of the sales cycle/process
  • General outlook: an energetic and positive approach to work
  • General outlook: determination to achieve sales targets.
  • Skills: The ability to quickly grasp sophisticated client requirements, solve client problems, arrive at a solution and eloquently communicate the solution
  • Skills: Be a genuine ‘people person’ someone whom people warm to quickly
  • Skills: The ability to be calm and collected under pressure, in a sales environment but also when dealing with numerous complex tasks
  • Skills: Be a respected and experienced leader, with the ability to hold senior-level relationships
  • Skills: Be a seasoned public speaker who can represent RV


  • Experience of writing content for marketing channels (this isn’t essential, what is more important is the actual insight / viewpoint)



  • Industry knowledge: have at least 10 years experience working within the HE sector (supplier or client-side) and be familiar with recruitment cycles, working of a university and rich sources of insight
  • Industry knowledge: At least 7 years of experience working at a senior level within an HE marketing capacity
  • Industry knowledge: A deep understanding of digital marketing within higher and/or further education and the student recruitment cycle within these markets
  • Qualifications: A university qualification at any level in any subject is essential – having personal experience of going to university is helpful in building rapport with our HE clients which currently form our biggest market
  • Financial: At least 5 years experience of managing a budget of £250k+ or 5 years working with HE marketing departments from the supplier side


  • Experience of SaaS/software products sales and account management
  • Experience of motion (video, animation, 360s) sales and account management
  • Experience: at least 2 years experience of managing people and teams of more than three team members
  • Experience of working for an HE institution or working for an HE focussed supplier

General outlook

  • An insatiable passion Higher Education
  • Inquisitive – always looking for a different way to approach a barrier or problem, able to spot the insight (whether from client or industry) amongst an array of information
  • An energetic and positive approach to work
  • Determination to achieve sales targets.
  • Alignment with our company core values

Working at RV

Why work at RV?

Revolution Viewing is a leading Creative Digital Agency that produces world-class solutions. We are a team of 28 people and operate as niche specialists at the top of our game; this is why over 90 UK universities and some of the UK’s largest home builders keep coming back for more! See what makes us tick.

Working from office/home

Like many businesses, RV’s employees have supported the government’s efforts and followed their advice by working from home for an extended period. During this time RV has been able to maintain its operations and close-knit culture (lots of hard graft and video calls followed by virtual Friday afternoon drinks!) As such, the Board is keen to provide employees with the flexibility to choose working patterns and working locations (office, home, hybrid) that will support their work-life balance, maintain our great working culture and encourage team collaboration.

Businesses will be returning to their offices (in some capacity) throughout the Summer/Autumn of 2021 and RV will be no different. But, how we use our office space moving forwards will be different and it will be driven by our culture, our needs and ultimately our people!

Who we are (team & office)

Work-life balance manifesto

The feedback we receive from our team suggests that this is an unusual policy for an agency, hence the mention here in the job spec. This is from Tom, our CEO: “You will get paid for the hours you work or you will be given the time back.” Quite simply, you will never be asked to work more hours than contracted, without receiving that time back in lieu or being paid overtime.

Please note: other than your lunch break, we do not accommodate smoking breaks.

RV culture & values

10 reasons to apply for a role with RV

  1. We produce sector-leading digital media products
  2. Our team tell us RV is a great place to work
  3. Our clients love what we do and our client satisfaction is extremely high
  4. Every three months we have a team meal (to return post-covid!)
  5. Holiday loyalty scheme – extra holidays for years of service
  6. Individual objectives set in annual appraisals and progress reviewed in monthly 1:1 meeting with your line manager
  7. We have a Work-life Balance Manifesto that is policy!
  8. Potential for a team-wide bonus from our RV Bonus Scheme
  9. We share our strategy, including mission, direction and financial progress
  10. We offer a thorough induction and comprehensive training for your career

Our core values

These values are a key consideration when hiring a new team member; we need to feel each team member shares these values:

  • Respect for people
  • Veritably fun working environment (contribution to)
  • Sustainable progression (we don’t make rash decisions that jeopardise the company)
  • Honesty & integrity
  • Innovative & dynamic
  • Passion & pride (in all we do)

To apply

See top of this page for the application deadline.
Send your email to:

Your application must include the following information:

  1. Please let us know how soon you could start if you are offered a job
  2. Let us know where you heard about this vacancy
  3. As part of our recruitment process we will be conducting 1st stage interviews (via video call) before inviting candidates to assessment/2nd stage interviews. The dates of the 1st stage interviews will be the 19th, 20th & 21st October (times for interviews will be confirmed with candidates following the application deadline). Please let us know if you can be available on these dates. Note: you will only be required to attend one of these dates
  4. Applicants successful at the 1st interview stage will then be invited to assessment/2nd stage interview. The dates for assessment/2nd stage interview are 27th October, 28th October and 2nd November (you’ll be required from 2pm to 7pm on one of these days only). Again, please let us know if you can be available on these dates and again, you will only be required to attend one of these dates. Note: whilst this session is long in duration, we make our decision based on this one session. Feedback suggests candidates find it useful spending this time in our working environment (COVID-19 guidelines permitting)
  5. Attach your current CV
  6. Attach a 20-line cover letter outlining how you will add value to our company and the biggest challenge you think Higher Education faces in the next 12 months

Please note: the successful candidate must, by the start of their employment, have permission to work in the UK.

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Privacy policy

How will RV use the information about you?

We will use your data to process your application, including complying with any legal obligations, to enable us to manage the recruitment process. We will only share your data with relevant parties as part of our recruitment process and we will not share your data for marketing or employment purposes outside of RV. For more information on RV’s job applicant privacy notice, please follow this link.


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