(This is a Full-time vacancy, however, if you are a freelancer you can still apply to be one of our ‘Trusted Freelancers’ – see “To Apply” at the bottom of this document)

Job Summary

This is much more than a shooting and editing job, we want your creative input, influence and your years of experience, in return we can offer you the opportunity to lead a creative team and push the creative boundaries of video production.

We are looking for you to be heavily involved with the creative development of our bigger budget video projects, the trust that clients have in our brand, the creative freedom we are given and the budgets available are all increasing.  We are being commissioned to shoot broadcast commercials and we want you to help us to shape the video department at Revolution Viewing into one of the leading video production units in the UK.

We have lofty ambitions that require someone with flair and dedication, we have a strong team (2 Video Producers, 2 Associate Producers, 2 Camera Ops, 2 Camera Op/Editors, 2 Editors and 2 Motion Designers), a great brand and a constant stream of creatively challenging and rewarding client briefs – we now need an experienced and creative Senior Camera Operator and Editor to help us on this journey to the next level of video production.


Your Role

A Few Details

  • On RV shoots you will always work with a Producer, crews on location will vary from 2 to 8 people, depending on the project, but 3 or 4 crew members is the most common number.
  • RV owns 1 Sony FS7 with Odyssey 7+, 1 x Sony A7, 6 Canon 5D Mk2s, and lots of Canon L Series glass. You will mainly be using the FS7 and A7. If you haven’t used these cameras previously, training can be provided.
  • Other items worthy of note that we own as a company are; The Pocket Jib, Ronin gimbal, GoPro Omni (360 video), 2 helmet camera rigs and a selection of LED panels and tungsten lights.

Job Remits

  • DOP / Camera Operator, Editor and Colourist for our biggest budget productions and some of our smaller productions too. You will be involved in all stages of the creative process, from initial interpretation of the client brief, to having input on the storyboard/treatment, creating a visual style, shooting on location, managing the media and producing the final edit.
  • Lead and inspire the video team with your creative ideas and vision.
  • Offer creative direction during pre-production on our higher profile video productions.
  • Advise on technical production elements such as lighting plans, equipment hire/purchases and any other elements that contribute towards shooting the next level of professional high production value videos for RV.
  • Internally review and feedback on all higher profile and/or complex videos produced.
  • Continually make suggestions to improve the quality of videos produced.
  • Lead video department meetings and train / advise team members when required.
  • Discovery meetings – for higher profile projects, attend initial kick-off meetings with Producers to offer technical and creative advice.
  • Keep up to date with new technology within this and other related industries, consider the impact new tech will have on the working methods at RV and ultimately our offering to clients. Advise the Board of Directors on future equipment purchases.
  • Location shoots and client discovery (kick-off) meetings are likely to result in staying in a hotel an average of three or four nights per month.

To achieve the upper-level of the salary range you must provide evidence that you have exceeded each of the key skills required.  If you don’t have the relevant experience and require further training/time to reach the required skill level, then this will be reflected in the salary offered.


Key Skills & General Outlook

  • Have creative flair. This is essential.  We want you to bring fantastic ideas to the table, as a company we are proud of the fact that RV gives its technical and creative team members the space to be creative and propose innovative solutions.
  • You will have expert knowledge of operating video cameras
  • You need to have a great understanding of composition & lighting.
  • Expert at editing with Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Highly competent Colourist, adept at applying a suitable grade based on client requirements and brief.
  • Great journalistic understanding of video and narrative. You quickly get to grips with the message a client is trying to convey and you can develop that story during the edit.
  • Able and willing to use both Macs and PCs.
  • An insatiable passion for film making with an energetic and positive approach to work and a desire to push boundaries and deliver the best possible visual content.
  • A great communicator and well organised. If you need help you ask.  You appreciate how essential it is to communicate with team members and you are able to work under your own autonomy.
  • Eagerness to learn, improve and contribute to the success of our business.
  • Full UK Driving licence is required.
  • Non-smoking applicants are preferred as we can’t accommodate smoking breaks.



  • Must have – at least five years of experience working in a similar capacity to that as is required of this role.
  • Must have – previous experience working within a digital agency or video production
  • Must have – extensive portfolio of impressive commercial projects serving as examples of both your high-quality camera operation, lighting, edit and colourist skills.
  • Must have – videos in portfolio that are either on a par with or of greater quality than the videos seen in the section “RV Video : The future” within this job spec.
  • Desirable – experience of working in a digital agency that employs 20 or more staff.
  • Desirable – experience of using specialist rigs such as Ronin and jibs (owned by RV) is not essential but will help your application.
  • Desirable – experience of shooting commercials.

Inspirational Videos

Recent RV Video Projects

Montez: http://revv.eu/lboro-london-montez

Newcastle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=CChRqeM1lXU

Uni of Derby: http://revv.eu/derby-internal-brand-animation

Leeds Beckett: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlY3Xu5FUSg

RV Video : The Future

We’re proud of our work, but we aspire to creating videos that are as inspirational and ambitious as the following examples.  If you also aspire to producing this quality of work, then this job could be for you.

Uni of Western Sydney – https://vimeo.com/137547531

Story telling – https://vimeo.com/183390639

Stress Break – https://vimeo.com/142471060

Why Work at RV?

Revolution Viewing is a leading Creative Digital Agency that produces world-class solutions.  We are a team of 34 people and operate as niche specialists at the top of our game; this is why over 80 UK universities and some of the UK’s largest home-builders keep coming back for more!  See what makes us tick – http://www.revolutionviewing.com/about

2017 Showreel:  http://revv.eu/SR2017

RV Office 360 virtual tour:  https://revv.eu/rv-office

Work-life Balance Manifesto

The feedback we receive from our team suggests that this is an unusual policy for an agency, hence the mention here in the job spec.  This is from Tom, our CEO: “You will get paid for the hours you work or you will be given the time back.”  Quite simply, you will never be asked to work more hours than contracted, without receiving that time back in lieu or being paid overtime.  Note that travelling to and from video shoots is logged as “working time” at RV, so arriving back late from a shoot means you get time back or paid additional hours.

Ten reasons to apply for a role with Revolution Viewing

  1. We have a Work-life Balance Manifesto that is policy.
  2. We produce sector-leading digital media products.
  3. Our team tell us RV is a great place to work.
  4. Our clients love what we do and our client satisfaction is extremely high.
  5. Free lunch – there is such a thing and it happens every day at RV!
  6. Every three months we have a team meal, on the company.
  7. Holiday loyalty scheme – extra holidays for years of service.
  8. Individual objectives set in annual appraisals and progress reviewed in monthly 1-2-1 meeting with line manager.
  9. We share our strategy, including mission, direction and financial progress.
  10. We offer a thorough induction and comprehensive training for your career.

Our Core Values

These values are a key consideration when hiring a new team member; we need to feel each team member shares these values.

  1. Respect for people
  2. Veritably fun working environment (contribution to)
  3. Sustainable progression (we don’t make rash decisions that jeopardise the company)
  4. Honesty & integrity
  5. Innovative & dynamic
  6. Passion & pride (in all that we do)


To Apply – For a full-time role at RV

See top of this document for the application deadline.  Send your email to: working@revolutionviewing.com

  1. State that you intend to apply for a full-time role.
  2. Please let us know how soon you could start if you are offered a job.
  3. Let us know where you heard about this vacancy.
  4. The time & dates of assessment are 3-8pm Tuesday 24th July 2018 & 3-8pm Tuesday 31st July 2018. Please let us know if you can be available on these dates.  Please note you will only be required to attend one of the assessment sessions, and that whilst the session is long in duration, we make our decision based on this one session. Feedback suggests candidates find it useful spending this time in our working environment.
  5. Attach your current CV – include links to your showreel / projects, please make it clear what your role was in each video (Camera Op, Editor, Colourist – one or all of)
  6. Attach a 10-line cover letter outlining how you will add value to our company.


Apply – To be an RV Trusted Freelancer

See top of this document for the application deadline.  Send your email to: working@revolutionviewing.com

Please note we will only be able to respond to freelancers if all of the requested items below are submitted.

  1. State that you intend to apply to work as a freelancer.
  2. A 10-line cover letter outlining why you will be a great freelancer for RV.
  3. Your current CV, Linked-in page or website- including showreel.
  4. Let us know where you heard about this opportunity.
  5. Let us know whether you would like to freelance as camera operator, editor or both.
  6. State your day-rate (rate with and without equipment hire).


For updates on Revolution Viewing and any vacancies, we recommend you follow us on our social media channels: http://www.revolutionviewing.com/social/

Privacy Policy

How will RV use the information about you?

We will use your data to process your application, including complying with any legal obligations, to enable us to manage the recruitment process. We will only share your data with relevant parties as part of our recruitment process and we will not share your data for marketing or employment purposes outside of RV. For more information on RV’s job applicant privacy notice, please follow this link.