Personalised video builder

Achieve the impossible: show your students personalised content right from the top of the sales funnel via a video prospectus. And capture data and leads for yourself at the same time.

Here are some examples of personalised video builders we’ve developed for our clients:

University of Bradford

University of Sunderland

Personalisation offers a more interactive and engaging user experience than relying on generic content. It’s an essential part of a successful marketing strategy and has been proven to lead to:


lift in business results


increase in eNewsletter click through


boost in revenue

Here’s some more detail about how our builder works:


Upload a series of video clips to your builder (with our help) and then share it on your website


Future students visit the builder and select clips relating to their interests, ignoring whatever doesn’t float their boat


Once the students have gone through a data capture form (optional but recommended) the video renders and plays for them


You’ll get their name, email address, and info about their interests, allowing you to target them with more personalised content

Case study: Using a personalised video prospectus to capture an average of 150+ leads per month for Middlesex University