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Engage future students with quality peer-to-peer content

Vlogs provide students with an authentic and trustworthy source of information to aid one of the biggest decisions of their lives and, when asked, being able to hear from peers is future students’ number one priority. Our Vlog Generator platform is designed to help you produce vlogs quickly, blending the authentic student voice with a managed process that delivers the right message with a professional edit to ensure consistency.

Examples of university vlogs

University of Bradford
Middlesex University

The Vlog generator is a user-friendly platform for you and your students.

Here’s how it works:


We work with you to produce vlog briefs and treatments, ensuring that your key topics and messages will be captured.


Your student vloggers log into our generator and are assigned their brief.


Your student vloggers record their content and upload it to the generator with the help of our “how to” video.


We edit the footage, apply your branding and supply a final version to be used across your channels.

Once you’ve told us what you want, the Vlog Generator requires very little input from you. You can just sit back and watch your authentic and influential content roll in! As well as being a great way to communicate with your future students, vlogs are a really cost-effective way of producing a high volume of marketing videos, quickly. 

Watch our explainer video for more information about the platform and process.


Over the years, we’ve used the Vlog Generator platform to help us create a range of student-led content across our subject portfolio. The platform is easy to use for staff and students, we’re able to utilise Revolution Viewing’s experience and we really see value in the end-to-end process they deliver from briefing to the supply of vlogs.

Emily Bell

Head of Undergraduate Marketing, University of Liverpool

Here are some examples of the type of content University of Liverpool created using our Vlog Generator platform:

Jack – Undergraduate Dentistry
Antonia – Masters in Management

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