Putting a first name into a personalised video

Personalised videos are the differentiating factor that allows you to stand out from the crowd, increase engagement and improve conversions.

Content personalisation takes your audience communication to the next level.

Examples of our work are the bottom of the page

Our personalised projects in numbers


Unique personalised videos sent


Increase in client revenue on a single project


greater newsletter click-through rate

Revolution Viewing are sector-leading video producers with the technical know-how to deliver your entire personalised project from start to finish.

Our in-house video production and data teams deliver your project from under one roof, keeping things simple with no third parties involved. We work closely with our clients from conception to completion of a project, providing as much planning and creative support as needed.

Creating a personalised video

The opportunities for personalisation are only limited by your imagination


For example their name written on-screen: on a cup, wall, T-shirt, tattoo!


For example a calendar with their birthday circled, if you have this data


Footage tailored to their interests, for example a video promoting a sports channel that cuts to footage of the sport you know they like


Audible personalisation: say their name out loud to really capture their attention


If you have region or postcode data for your customers we can include footage relevant to this, for example a realistic journey


We can trigger an SMS at any point during a video to correspond with what is happening on-screen

We produce three different types of personalised content:

Conversion Videos

Using data from your Customer Relationship Management system, we insert personalised elements into a video delivered to your brief. Each unique video has its own URL, which is delivered to your customers via email or on social media.

Video Builder

We create a platform that can sit on your website and allows your customers to ‘build’ their own video. They make choices based on their interests which we match with video content to build the perfect personalised video within seconds. This advanced system allows you to collect customer data as your audiences submit information such as their name, email and interests in exchange for a value-added experience with a serious ‘wow’ factor. Once built, the platform can be reused for multiple campaigns.


We create a short video clip to your brief, including a personalised element. We then export each video as a unique GIF to embed in emails to your clients. They’ll see your captivating content as soon as they open your message, giving you more chance to engage and convert.

Examples of our work

nottingham trent university logo

The Brief

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) approached us for help in increasing their applicant acceptances during the competitive Clearing period after A level results day.

The Solution

We produced over 26,000 unique videos to email to students who NTU had made offers to, but who were yet to accept.

Shot in a point-of-view style to bring the viewer into the heart of the action, the videos show students settling in to Nottingham Trent during their first few weeks at the university. Bespoke content makes the experience particular to each recipient, with footage showing them living in a specific hall of residence and their first name and surname appearing on screen multiple times. Generic footage also showcases the extensive facilities and extra-curricular opportunities available to NTU students.

The Results


videos produced


unique personalised elements


performance above benchmarks

We love our personalised videos. They performed better than our benchmarks and were good value for money - we will be running the project again in the future!

Kate Jackson,
Head of Digital and Content, Nottingham Trent University

university of salford logo

The Brief

The University of Salford asked us to help them inspire and motivate prospective students to choose Salford as their first or insurance choice.

The Solution

We created a typical ‘day in the life’ video of a Salford student, using personalised elements to ensure the video would resonate with viewers.

Postcode data informs four location signifiers which capture attention from the start by showing the viewer arriving via a relevant motorway, or Manchester airport. Generic footage showing university and city facilities is interspersed with one of 27 subject area clips specific to the students’ application and demonstrating Salford’s key selling points. A point-of-view filming style encourages an authentic emotional connection between viewer and screen.

The Results


different videos delivered to 14,000 offer holders


increase in conversion


return on investment

We are really happy and proud of our personalised videos - Revolution Viewing nailed the brief and provided great value for money. We would love them to do more work with us!

Michelle Amos
Head of Marketing, University of Salford