two students view a virtual experience

Everything we do is designed to delight and inspire our prospective audiences, including yours. Our products are the perfect way to increase engagement with your organisation and attract your future talent.

We have created award-winning content for talent attraction teams at brands including Barclays, Carphone Warehouse, Next, CMS (Law) and Weil (Law).

Our Services & Examples

Many of our greatest recruitment examples are for the recruitment of students on behalf of universities. We have a wealth of experience in how best to engage with a young audience and boost the volume and quality of applications.

Bespoke content, tailored precisely to your audience. Offer next-level engagement by sending each prospective employee a link to their own personalised video - you can include their name, specific footage for each job role, and even trigger an SMS to be sent to your viewer’s phone while they are watching.


University of Salford

A ‘day in the life’ video capturing the viewer’s attention from the start with specific journey footage informed by postcode data. Later, generic shots of the university and city are interspersed with one of 27 subject area clips specific to the students’ applications.

Videos shot by employees and edited by Revolution Viewing in-house combine authentic content with a professional quality finish. Ask your team members to shout about their workplace, but keep their video on message and use our Vlog Generator system to manage the process hassle free.


Middlesex University

Middlesex University student Lana takes us around campus for the day, showing off her favourite spots with a perfect blend of authenticity and humour.

Spark excitement and enthusiasm by helping your candidates imagine themselves in your space, as part of your company, through interactive maps, 360s, videos and photographs.


Nottingham Trent University

An eye-catching splash about an award win gets NTU’s virtual tour off on the right foot. This is a large tour across three campuses and visitors can either show themselves around or be guided by a student ambassador for each subject. Advanced filtering takes visitors to relevant facilities quickly, and an in-built CMS allows NTU staff immediate control over updates or changes.

Connect with existing candidates and nurture talent among prospective applicants for future vacancies by sharing video content, such as branding videos.


London Metropolitan University

This captivating video uses an engaging narrator to demonstrate London Met's key selling points. Impressive facilities shots, including one of the biggest teaching laboratories in Europe, are combined with exciting footage of central London.


Revolution Viewing team

A team video is a great way to showcase company culture and engage with applicants. This one demonstrates Revolution Viewing’s fun company culture but also shares some of the company’s key messages.

Bring your ideas to life with an animation - creative visuals are a great way to boost your ideas and make your content more memorable.


University of Derby

Presenting the University of Derby’s new brand using animation allowed us to deliver key messaging with bold design using the brand’s new style elements. The new look and feel of the brand will be memorable to viewers by the end of the video.

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