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Job summary

Note: We’ve decided to apply our usual recruitment process to this role. We appreciate this may be more formal and rigorous than most processes designed to find a 1 day per week consultant, but we want to ensure we find the right person and the right fit. We also see great benefit in the candidates getting the opportunity to meet our people and learn about our company; recruitment is always a two-way street at Revolution Viewing.

This is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced Finance Director to help guide an enthusiastic and innovative team during an exciting time of growth and new strategic direction for our 26 person company. You will report to the CEO/founder.

RV appointed ex-agency FD Deborah Longbottom in August 2020 as a consultant to review the finances of the business. Debbie identified several areas for improvement, the first major one being to implement revenue recognition accounting & reporting. Debbie has overseen the changes required to report revenue recognition correctly, providing greater clarity around our current P&L. Debbie has advised the Board that RV would benefit from an experienced FD, 1 day per week to support the Board with their strategic ambitions.

Further information regarding the role, experience required and how to apply can be found below.

Your role

The successful candidate will be responsible for all aspects of finance as well as helping the Board to set and achieve key strategic objectives. You will work closely with and be line manager to our Finance Manager, overseeing the financial operations of the company.

You will be responsible for all aspects of finance at RV including annual budgeting, treasury and cash flow management, income forecasting, profit and loss and balance sheet reporting. You will also oversee all accounting activities related to income recognition, accounts payable processing, accounts receivable collection, tax compliance and payroll. You will work alongside our Client Services Director in setting forecasts for company departments and our HR & Ops Director in setting budgets for recruitment and freelance resources. You will be instrumental in the adoption of a new integrated agency management system, streamlining the company’s financial systems and reporting. You will also be responsible for producing financial reports to the Board as well as attending monthly Board meetings.

Our portfolio will give you a flavour of the kind of engaging digital content that we’re currently producing, however, at RV we are constantly trying to push the envelope.

Job Remits

The Finance Director role reports directly into the company CEO. The successful candidate will be a Line Manager for our Finance Manager. The remits of the role are to:

  • Oversee the financial operations of our company providing key financial information to the Board efficiently and effectively
  • Manage all external stakeholders such as HMRC, External Accountants, Pensions provider, Banking etc.
  • Manage the cash and treasury management at RV
  • Manage and provide ongoing training to finance/admin personnel (Line manager to our Finance Manager)
  • Conduct weekly and monthly financial assessments and generate reports to be submitted to the Board with recommendations for key areas of improvements
  • Advise on, assist with implementation of (and then management of) integrated agency management system
  • Attend monthly Board meetings
  • Establish budgets in accordance with the requirements of company departments and report monthly performance and key areas of improvements
  • Develop annual financial plans and projections for the company
  • Conduct analysis of financial risks and benefits on business initiatives
  • Help the Board to develop the company growth strategy and model scenarios as required.

Qualifications, Key Skills, Experience & General Outlook

To achieve the upper-level of the pay range you must provide evidence that you exceed each of the essential key skills required and that you have both the essential and desired experience required.



  • Fully qualified accountant status (or nearly-qualified with time-line for full qualification) from one of the major chartered accountancy body qualifications (ACCA, CIMA, ICAEW)


  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting or related field (Master’s preferred)

Key Skills


  • Excellent commercial and business awareness
  • Impeccable mathematics and analytical skills
  • Exceptional attention to detail, particularly related to numeracy/financials
  • Great people/management skills – you can build and maintain strong employee relationships and confidently handle crucial and challenging financial situations
  • Ability to make quick but good decisions
  • Ability to manage many tasks at once, re-prioritising as required and working in a logical manner
  • A great communicator – if you need help, you ask. You appreciate how essential it is to communicate with team members and you are able to work under your own autonomy
  • Sound IT skills – you will have advanced experience of using Microsoft Office or Google Drive (docs & spreadsheets)
  • You like things to be done efficiently and enjoy making contributions to that effect
  • Eagerness to learn, improve and contribute to the success of our business


  • Knowledge of integrated agency management systems



  • 10+ years’ financial management experience
  • Strong knowledge of project-based accounting software


  • Directorship – previous Board level experience
  • Experience of working within a SaaS company
  • Experience of working in a digital agency that employs 20 or more staff

Working at RV

At Revolution Viewing (RV), we empower people to make life changing decisions – this is our mission. We do that by producing rich media solutions to help prospective students to select their perfect university and home buyers to select their perfect home. Our clients are universities and the top home builders all over the UK and we are the leading rich media supplier in both sectors.

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Why Work at RV?

Revolution Viewing is a leading Rich Media Agency that produces world-class solutions. We are a team of niche specialists at the top of our game; this is why over 110 UK universities and some of the UK’s largest homebuilders keep coming back for more! See what makes us tick –

Working From Home

Following current government guidelines our team is currently working remotely (from home). It is likely that at some point in the coming months the government will alter its stance on working from home wherever possible, seeing businesses including RV, return to working from their offices in some capacity. However, the prolonged stint of having employees working from home hasn’t been detrimental to RV’s operation and as such the Board are keen to provide employees with the flexibility to choose working patterns and working locations (office, home, hybrid) that will support their work-life balance, maintain our great working culture and encourage team collaboration.

Work-Life Balance Manifesto

The feedback we receive from our team suggests that this is an unusual policy for an agency, hence the mention here in the job spec. This is from Tom, our CEO: “You will get paid for the hours you work or you will be given the time back.” Quite simply, you will never be asked to work more hours than contracted, without receiving that time back in lieu or being paid overtime.

Please note: other than your lunch break, we do not accommodate smoking breaks.

RV Culture & Values

Reasons to Apply for a Role with RV

  • We produce sector-leading digital media products
  • Our team tell us RV is a great place to work
  • Our clients love what we do and our client satisfaction is extremely high
  • Every three months we have a team meal (to return post-COVID!)
  • We have a Work-life Balance Manifesto that is policy!
  • We share our strategy, including mission, direction and financial progress

Our Core Values

These values are a key consideration when hiring a new team member; we need to feel each team member shares these values:

  • Respect for people
  • Veritably fun working environment (contribution to)
  • Sustainable progression (we don’t make rash decisions that jeopardise the company)
  • Honesty & integrity
  • Innovative & dynamic
  • Passion & pride (in all we do)

To apply

See top of this page for the application deadline.
Send your email to:

Your application must include the following information:

  1. Please let us know how soon you could start if you are offered a job
  2. Let us know where you heard about this vacancy
  3. As part of our recruitment process we will be conducting screening calls before inviting candidates to interview. The dates of the screening calls will be the 14th & 15th July (times for calls will be confirmed with candidates following the application deadline)
  4. Applicants successful at the screening call stage will then be invited to interview. The dates for interviews will be the 19th & 20th July. Please let us know if you can be available on these dates
  5. Attach your current CV
  6. Attach a 10-line cover letter outlining how you will add value to our company

Please note: the successful candidate must, by the start of their employment, have permission to work in the UK.

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Privacy Policy

How will RV use the information about you?

We will use your data to process your application, including complying with any legal obligations, to enable us to manage the recruitment process. We will only share your data with relevant parties as part of our recruitment process and we will not share your data for marketing or employment purposes outside of RV. For more information on RV’s job applicant privacy notice, please follow this link.

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