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What we do

We’re on a mission to help people to find their perfect university, home or career.

Everything we do is designed to delight and inform specific audiences so that they feel empowered to make that life-changing decision.

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We are who we are – a fantastic team of talented, friendly experts dedicated to producing amazing, ground-breaking work

Oh – and kicking back with a beer on Friday afternoons of course...

What’s going on?

Sure, ‘different’ is good – but how about ‘better’?

‘Better’ is what we strive for every single day – and that’s what makes us truly different. Check out how we’re doing ‘better’ right now.

Say cheese!

People are at the heart of all we do – and here’s some of the people that matter most to us.

Tom Greveson


Tony Lyons

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Jonny Harper

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Phil Whaley

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Richard Gregory

Non Executive Director

Tim Ng

Technical Advisor

Ash Burling

Senior Photographer

Robin Butler

Junior Front End Developer

Kim Ellison

Finance Manager

Collette Evans

Senior Project Coordinator

Michael Fox


Jo Guizzetti

Marketing & Communications Manager

Nick Hancox

Account Manager

Zara-Dee Hannay

Account Executive

Nick Lavin

Senior Multimedia Technician

Mark Lister

Front End Developer

Callum Mitchell

Front End Developer

Claire Shaw

Senior Project Coordinator

Andrew Walker

Digital Operations Manager

So you’ve got to know us a little better. What’s next for us?