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Connecting with UCLan’s WP audiences using Vepple

Personalised Video Builder

Generating over 120 qualified leads in a month for Middlesex University

Personalised Conversion Videos

Achieving an offer acceptance uplift 300% higher than NTU’s target

Overcoming Stigma: How Can New Builds Outshine Used Properties?

The UK is seeing a rising demand for homes across every region. While developers are attempting to satisfy this market by constructing new properties, many potential home buyers have expressed a preference for used developments. An article published by The Independent...

Marketing Managers in the Housebuilding Industry: The Art of Photography

When it comes to selling houses, we know that great photographs are essential.   They can help showcase a property and create a compelling visual story that will entice potential buyers. 100 years ago photography started to play an important role in promoting...

Why is marketing more important than ever during tough economic times

According to recent statistics from the UK government, the housing market in the UK has been on an upward trend, with an increase in both the number of new homes being built and the average price of properties.   This ‘golden age’ has presented opportunities for...

Vlogging done right

Vlogging is a great marketing tool: it's good value; it's authentic; and it's an easy way to generate a lot of interesting and engaging content, quickly. Audiences tend not to notice the behind-the-scenes work that an organisation might have done to make sure the vlog...

Six reasons why personalisation matters

It's no great newsflash that personalising communications has long been a priority for marketeers. But sometimes, it's helpful to remember why - and what the options are.   In a world where we are bombarded with up to 10,000 marketing adverts every single day...

If you only read one article about 360s, make it this one

Why you need to be using 360° images in your marketing, why viewers like them so much and how to get a room ready to take one. If a picture says a thousand words, how much is a 360° image saying? Well to be honest: a lot more. Remember when Joey got inside the map in...

Covid-19 research insights

We recently commissioned another in-depth qualitative study with prospective university students and we'd like to share those insights with you...The main purpose of this primary research piece was to inform the design and build of Vepple. However, a section of the...

10 years of blue sky thinking

Let me take you back to 2011. A magical time when the last Harry Potter film was released, the Twilight saga was still dragging on and Game of Thrones hit our screens for the first time. It was also the year I joined the team at Revolution Viewing as a Photographer,...

Connecting with WP audiences using Vepple

UCLan has widening participation in its bones and was one of the first universities in the UK to invest in Vepple – the Revolution Viewing virtual experience platform. We know that students aren’t getting the support that they need from their parents, friends and...

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